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  • Exciting News!!!

    Exciting news! The Board has decided to open a limited registration for the spring season. Starting right now, new players can register to play soccer this spring at The cost is just $50 for 8 games, full uniform and awards. We will also have a registration event at Dairy Queen on Saturday, March 1 from 11:30am until 2:00pm. HERE'S THE CATCH!! Because teams were formed last fall and they stay together for the spring season, there is limited space available. The open spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis determined by when the registration is received. We will make every effort to accommodate any child that wants to play. Stay tuned for more details on the spring season as we get everything back up and running. For now, please share this post with any families that may have children that are interested in playing soccer this spring. REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE AT THE END OF THE DAY ON FRIDAY, MARCH 7.
  • Help children play AYSO Soccer

    Give children the opportunity to play AYSO soccer by donating to the Hugo Bustamante AYSO Playership Fund today. #GivingTuesday

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Clio Soccer-AYSO 476

A big THANK YOU to Mike Williams for serving on the AYSO Board for the past several years as the Regional Coach Administrator. Mike is stepping away from his role because of a new job and we will miss his support. Always there when needed and often with a smile on his face, Clio AYSO will miss him greatly. Please be sure to share your appreciation with Mike either here on our Facebook page or whenever you see him next. THANKS MIKE!! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Camille Reedthanks mike for all the hard work you have done.2 days ago

Kasondra UrmetzThanks to Mike for his hard work! When is the next meeting? With the season right around the cornor?2 days ago

Clio Soccer-AYSO 476Thank you Mike for all the fields you lined, games you refereed, and time you gave to allow our kids to play soccer.2 days ago

Clio Soccer-AYSO 476Arghh.. should have signed my post. Jeff Pitt2 days ago

Clio Soccer-AYSO 476Thanks for everything Mike. You were always there. We will all miss you. Barb Pontisso2 days ago

Clio Soccer-AYSO 476Ayso476 was fortunate to have Mike for as long as we did! Each player that took the field benefited from all of your hard work & dedication over the years. Best of success in your new job, doing what's best for your family is priority! ~Tera Knoll (Registrar)2 days ago

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Clio Soccer-AYSO 476

The first AYSO Board meeting of the year is in the books and several things were accomplished/determined: 1. Registration for the spring season is open right now at The fee is $50. Limited spots are available in some divisions and they will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Players must be 4 years of age by April 1 in order to participate. 2. Registration will close at the end of the day on MARCH 13, no exceptions!!! Spread the word now if you know of someone who has a child that would like to play. 3. There will be a referee meeting on Monday, March 30 for anyone interested in refereeing. This is a BIG need for the organization and any help would be greatly appreciated. Kids can start refereeing at age 10. 4. There will be a coaches meeting on Wednesday, April 1 (no joke!). Time and location are TBD. 5. Parent Meetings will be held on April 13 (U5, U6, U8) and April 14 for U8, U10 & U12. Time and location TBD. 6. Games for U5, U6 & U8 are tentatively scheduled to start on April 18 and finish on May 30, weather permitting. 7. Games for U10 & U12 are determined by the interplay schedule for our area, but the schedule likely be the same as the younger age groups. Stay tuned for more details coming soon... ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Clio Soccer-AYSO 476Reminder if you paid for the fall season, the spring season is part of our year.1   ·  3 days ago

Jamie Renee MorganThis will be my sons first year playing, he is 4.. What days/times are practices and games? How many a week? Thanks in advance.2 days ago

Clio Soccer-AYSO 476Practices are normally weekday evenings as set by the coach. Games are mostly Saturday morning/early afternoon, with possibly a few weeknight or Sunday afternoon games. No games on Mother's day or Memorial Day weekend.2 days ago

Jamie Renee MorganOk great, thank you! Will look into signing him up tonight.. are there quite a few spots left for 4 year old boys do you know?2 days ago

Jennifer McGrathSo my daughter played in the fall, does that mean we don't have to pay for spring? Sorry I'm still learning the ropes ☺2 days ago

Clio Soccer-AYSO 476Correct Jennifer McGrath, this sign up is only for kids that did not play in the fall.2 days ago

Clio Soccer-AYSO 476Jennifer, Fall & Spring are one registration, one fee. Your fall fee includes 8 weeks of 8 games in Fall and 8 games in Spring. :)2 days ago

Clio Soccer-AYSO 476Jamie Renee Morgan - There are only 2 spots open right now. However, these are small teams and it only takes 5 players to make a new team, so it's highly unlikely that we wouldn't have a spot for your son.2 days ago

Jennifer McGrathGood to know. Thanks so much!2 days ago

Jamie Renee MorganOk thank you :)1   ·  2 days ago

Clio Soccer-AYSO 476Jennifer McGrath - That's correct. If you registered previously and played in the fall season, the spring season is already included and you won't need to register again.2 days ago

Vanessa Crawley CullWill there be a tournament at the end of season for U8 or U10?2 days ago

Jamie Renee MorganIm having difficulty signing my son up.. I type his birthday in and it automatically generates an age of 3, and will not let me correct it to 4.. his bday is 2/10/11.. it wont let mw go any further, stating he must be 4 to play ?2 days ago

Jamie Renee MorganThanks Tera, that makes sense :)2 days ago

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Clio Soccer-AYSO 476

Great article that is a quick read and a nice reminder about the impact we have as parents on our soccer players: What Kids Hate About Soccer With your AYSO seasons set to start, it’s valuable to understand what motivates families to keep coming back to AYSO and what drives them away. According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, what kids hate most about soccer is the car ride home. Too often, the first first thing a parent has to say after a game is a critical remark, an accusatory question or offer “you should haves!” to their kids. This only causes young players to lose interest in playing. Parents often don't realize the impact of their words and forget that kids seek approval and want to impress them during games. When players feel put down, they can lose their love for soccer. Parents Do's: Be their biggest fan. Make sure to maintain a positive attitude and environment for your child by cheering and showing them support. After all, a child is trying their best to impress their parents, so show them they’re appreciated! Focus on the positive. Great shot! Nice dribble! Amazing pass! Wow so close! These are all great ways to express to kids that they’re doing a good job and it will motivate them to try even harder. Let them make mistakes. Making mistakes is the best way to get better. Don’t try to correct the mistakes by yelling directions from the sideline. Instead, let them try their moves and work on them next time you’re on a field together. Encourage goal setting and measure progress. Aside from staying active and having a great time, kids strive to become good soccer players. Encourage players to talk about ways they can improve and offer methods or ask a coach to help them improve those things. Parent Don'ts: Don’t talk about negative things on the ride home. There are much better ways and places to communicate what your kids could have done better than questioning their actions during the car ride home. They are still learning the game and are likely aware that they didn’t have a great game. Try taking them to a park over the weekend and work on things to help improve their game in a fun, loving environment instead. Don’t offer excuses. Putting blame on a ref, the field, weather or a coach for a bad performance may offer short-lived comfort, but this attitude can backfire. Kids will fail to take accountability and will instead learn to blame other factors when things don’t go their way. Don’t yell instructions during games. This causes confusion and annoys other parents, coaches and players (including your own!). A player develops best when they are allowed to make their own decisions on the field, figuring out what works best and working on those things at practice. Don’t criticize refs in front of the kids. Always remember that AYSO refs are volunteers and have given up their time to make the game possible. Kids will learn from their parents so be aware that yelling at a ref is one of the things they will pick up. And pro soccer players can tell you that yelling at the ref DOES NOT make them change their mind! ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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Clio Soccer-AYSO 476#3 on the Don't List is a tough one, but important for development!6 days ago

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Clio Soccer-AYSO 476

The first AYSO Board meeting will be held at 6:15pm tomorrow, February 26 at New Covenant Church in Clio (Room 131). We are in need of Board members to help make important decisions about the program and to keep everything running smoothly. Please join us if you would like to help plan the spring season schedule and events. ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

Clio Soccer-AYSO 476

Help Wanted: Registrar. The Registrar is vital to the process of fair and open registration, and every Region needs a reliable person to do the job. AYSO offers orientation, BASIC (Board and Staff Introductory Certification) and Safe Haven certification, workshops and other training for every Registrar. The position requires an understanding of the registration process and the need for confidentiality, excellent organizational ability, some computer skills and a background check. Please message if interested. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Clio Soccer-AYSO 476Our current Registrar is stepping down this spring because her child is no longer in AYSO. This would be a great time to train along side her.2 weeks ago

Clio Soccer-AYSO 476A full job description can be found here: weeks ago

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